Internet is and soon will be one of the most essential parts of your life. The technology world is growing immensely and every other person is seen with a smart gadget. Whether you own a laptop, Smartphone or tablet you would need Internet access. Having said that, it is still difficult for many to have Internet access anywhere and everywhere. Even though many of you would still have it, definitely it is not free! Now here is something interesting, what if you get free Wi-Fi wherever you go? No, this isn’t a joke! Here is how it can actually happen.


Outernet” is an innovative concept proposed by a US company. According to them, Outernet will be a network of broadcasting satellites which will provide with Internet data from outer space. These satellites will be cube shaped and shall offer free Wi-Fi to all the people on earth. The reason for initiating such a project is the ever growing need of Internet and the idea is to provide it anywhere and everywhere. If this project works out, you will have free Internet irrespective of location, any kind of censorship or even bypass filtering. This innovative project is under the Non-profit organization from New York by the name Media Development Investment Fund aka MDIF.


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The project is said to launch hundreds of cubical satellites to outer space and create a network to provide free Wi-Fi to anyone. There will be equal number of ground stations to provide the data to satellite which than in turn provide it to anyone with a Smartphone or any similar device. These satellites will be into the lower orbit of earth. The concept known as UDP or User Data Protocol will be used to connect and share data with users. This project is basically inspired by the same concept of television broadcast with satellite or DTH. This project will not be a cheap deal. Each satellite will be built first and then launched which will cost around $100,000 to $500,000. The MDIF is working hard on the planning of this Outernet Project and will start executing once the funds are available. The timeline estimated for this project to hit the floors is around midsummer of next year. MDIF also plans, to soon begin transmission from anywhere and launch the test cubesats as soon as possible.

This revolutionary idea and its practical execution will be something to wait for next year. If this project really works out as planned it will provide Internet to almost every remote village or even a distinct island. More updates of Outernet project are much awaited, so stay tuned with us. We will bring to you latest updates of every happening in the technology world.